Predictions of fishing on various rivers

Predictions for the week beginning  30/01/2023  

With air temps getting back up, the water temp will rise a little too. Could be good for barbel now the rivers are fined down. Good luck and take care on those slippery river banks!


***** Being top notch/ * Being good luck it could be very hard going!!

 Arrow  ***
 Bristol Avon  ****
 Kennet  ****
 Loddon  ***
 Marden  ***
 Severn  ****
 Teme  ****
 Warwickshire Avon  ****
 Wye  ****

Disclaimer; This is in my humble opinion.


Predictions of fishing on various rivers — 1 Comment

  1. Nice write up Shaun, well done on your gardening skills, we met a couple of years ago up on the BAA, Severn stretch at Highly/ Kinlet, have you been back there, if I remember you was guiding the first day and caught quite a few, you decided to fish another session the next day.

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