I am an accomplished angler with 30 years (or so) experience of all types of fishing. Barbel and the environment, in which they live, have been my fascination for some years now.

In this site I hope to entertain, inform, and cajole you all into my enthusiasm for ‘Barbus Barbus’. I hope to be able to answer your questions either within these pages or through interactive contact. There will be tips and advice on rigs, tackle, bait, location, weather and plenty more!

I hope that my passion and tenacity coupled with my concern for conservation and preservation can be shared, with some pictures and stories thrown in too.


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  1. Hi Shaun.
    Could you let me have more details about the Teme.I am very interested in fishing that stretch.
    Regards.Rob Grant

  2. Hello Shaun,
    Could you email some details on the stretch of the Teme that is available to fish please. Thank you
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Shaun.
    Im intetested in your offer of fishing at Bransford.
    Can you e mail me some details please

  4. Good evening shaun I would very much like to be considered for a ticket for the Teme my all-time favourite River used to fish it Tenbury Wells Ken Powells water some great memories also knightwhick by the Talbot Inn in the late 80s please could you email me details if places are still available

  5. Shaun
    Hello! Very interested in the fishing at Bransford on the Teme. Is this the stretch that the Barbel Society had but now looks like they no longer do? Beautiful stretch of river that I would love to get back on. Please let me have details of how I can be considered for a ticket.
    Kind regards

  6. Hi Shaun,

    I haven’t fished the Teme for some years now. I really do hope it can get back to somewhere near its better days as to me the river Teme is probably one of, if not the best rivers this country has.
    Could you please send me more details.

    Thanks Wayne

  7. Hello Shaun,interested in the river teme stretch been fishing the teme for years.got a static up at Stamford bridge.is it the stretch opposite bransford court that the bs have,or have they still got it.cheers bill

  8. Hi Shaun, hopefully you have been following with some interest my posts on the FB page River Teme Barbel Fishing. I am returning to the Teme after a long lay off and, like many, I have been gob-smacked as to the state of the river. Please could you send me details of your water. Even if you have no spaces left I would be very willing to help monitor the Teme via fish catches and would be more than happy to share any info I gather over the coming months/years. I am also particularly concerned about the “adjustment” to Powick weir but do feel this is an ideal time to maybe get some answers about fish movements along the river. Look forward to hearing from you, Andy Warnapeaux

  9. Hi Shaun
    I’m thinking of getting a Chippenham AC tab this year. I’ve never fished their waters before, so would like to get some pointers on where to fish.


    Martin Beake

    • Hi Martin,

      I know them very well! I would be glad to take some time out again with you, thanks for your interest. An email is following now.

      All the best,

  10. Hi Shaun
    I’ve not had much luck yet at Kellaways.
    I am pondering about buying a BAA licence, just wondering if you have fished any of their waters.
    They seem to have plenty of choice, on the Severn, Teme, even a short stretch on the Wye.
    Any information would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks for getting in touch and sorry I have`nt replied sooner, but I have been away (3 peaks & fishing)!
      Yes I have much experience with the BAA and shall email you with more info shortly….
      Tight lines,

  11. Hello Shaun,

    Could you please spare some time and if possible, give me some info on night fishing the lower Severn between Upton and Gloucester or below (if barbel are there).
    Any info on season permit or 24hr permit waters would be great.
    I can’t really find a lot of info on locations and fishing rights in that area (apart from the BAA stretches which gets awkward with night permits etc)
    I fish on the Severn around the Shrewsbury area a lot as night fishing is permitted with Lymm AC but this is a 6hr round trip with no traffic from where I live in Somerset.
    I’m looking for somewhere a bit closer to home. The Bristol Avon has barbel but it takes as long to get on there as it does the Lower Severn (and I prefer the Severn).

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  12. Hi Shaun
    Stumbled across this website and would be very interested to know more about the Bransford stretch. If it is the stretch I think it might be I have fond memories of it and would be interested in fishing there again. Would you be good enough to send me details please

  13. Hi Shaun
    Seen your email that said let you know asap which I have done but not sure you have received it so just in case you have not, yes please I would like to go forward. Email me your number and I will call you.

  14. Hi just a quick question about the Teme is the river still plagued by otters last time I fished probably one of the best little rivers in the country I seen a few good fish partly eaten by the blighters

    • Hi Bill, thanks for contacting …
      There are still otters about, but I think any fish left are now accustomed to avoiding them! It is worth a try as there are still barbel on all stretches, just far less than there were..
      Good luck,

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