Finding & Catching Barbel

Finding Barbel

There are many rivers around the British Isle’s which hold barbel (Barbus Barbus). It is a wonderful fact that barbel live in some beautiful locations. I love the intimacy of small rivers and the test of stealth and subtleness in approach they encourage. The rewards are great and the time well spent. This is not to right off the big rivers because they have different needs but also memorable rewards!

Whichever type of river you choose you should always apply some basic rules:

  • Have the right tackle from the Rod down; it is better to be over gunned than under!
  • Time spent looking is time well spent.
  • For the most part barbel will find you, if you are near.
  • Only carry what you may need, and take all your rubbish home.
  • Enjoy your time in pursuit, and the environment you are pursuing in.


As a general rule always look for features which may provide security and shelter for the fish, once you have one or two likely areas try to find signs by, feeding a little bait in a spot where (if possible) you can see what may lie beneath. When it is not possible to see, trust that your swim selection is good and, if it is, it won`t be long before the fish show themselves, by taking your hookbait with a little feed besides.

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