A Couple from the Kennet!!

As the rain poured on Wednesday night, the decision was made to travel over to the Kennet and give it a go through a mild afternoon of consant rain the following day. The rivers were rising rapidly all around the South and the Kennet was no exception, but the temp had risen slightly too, so as long as I could find a spot, I would fish it! The third swim I had chosen was faster than I first thought, but as the lead bounced into the area I wanted to hit, the indication came with subtle bumps different from the bounce with the flow. So lifting hard, the first fish of the afternoon was on!
The fish pulled hard with the flow on his side, and it made me wonder afterwards how I would have coped with a double in that swim!! The fish was very welcome after these cold day`s and nights and spells of no fishing. The river continued to rise and make swims less fishable over the next 2 hours… It was beginning to spill into the fields and cut off paths as darkness approached, so I decided on a safe and likely looking area to try one last on-dark cast before leaving. After just 10 minutes or so, a second hard fighting Barbel was on, this one was a pound or so heavier, and gave a great account of himself once he was close in! And after that fun it was time to beat a hasty retreat before the river could catch up with me!!

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