A Happy End…

Indeed there were a few SAS missions to get out before the close of season and one particular trip saw the capture of this lovely fish of nearly 10lbs. The rain poured for the whole time and sleeping in the car to fish next day in dry clothes was a highlight!!

A nice fish while the rain poured! 9lb15oz.

I also met more like-minded individuals than usual and had a good chat and catch up, everyone trying to get a last Barbel before their river fishing would be scuppered for another long three months.
The very last trip I made, was to the Wye, the very river we all started from 9 months prior. I had committments until tea time, and it was then that I made my last dash for the river before Sunset, and a lovely one it was too. The river was a cold 5degrees but I was still sure of a chance in the right spot… The first area proved to be occupied – just into dark – by an Otter, who was not over pleased to meet me, I could tell as it hissed and made all sorts of fuss right at me. Once it settled it decided to dive several times over the area I had baited, so I moved off to the next area, thinking this may hold a chance before the midnight chimes!
Lucky for me I had done this, as it was one of the swims in that new area that produced my last Barbel of the 2012/13 season! It was 22.20 and the rod was poised before a tap and pull and a long fit Wye fish was fighting to the net. It was cold and very long for it`s weight of 7lb, a nice finish to a challenging season, though I did have that one more cast to take me till midnight, and – not to be outdone – had a chub of 3lb in pristine condition.
Roll on June 16th……


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