A Mixed Week.

Well its been a very eventful week for Barbel fishing in general, I have heard reports of fish to over 18lbs for friends!! Not for myself.. It`s been a week where the biggest fish are putting their weight on for Winter. My ventures have taken me to a couple of new and exciting places to try in the future and I have managed a fish or two myself.

After some struggle and a Chub or 4 I did manage to winkle this fella out of the Avon which is always a joy especially as it came so suddenly, as they often do!
Having covered lots of miles for new venues, a couple are now ready for trying, and after a good look yesterday evening but no bites, a move was required to the Severn (which was well up). A couple of fish, late on, were the reward. All is well with the World and ready for a new week!

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