Another Day….

After a nice little break in Cornwall, and ready to settle into a New Year with many changes afoot, we were on the high road (A30) over Bodmin with snow coming down & a snowstorm ahead. Then – as if – from nowhere the road turned white and the next steep hill saw cars stopping and sliding back down! So we pulled over and I had to put my boots onto my nice warmed feet, and my coats back on, to help push those further up the hill!

After some hard pushing and eventual high fiving, a couple of us had managed to get everyone moving again. I ran back – watching my step as I did so – to our car, feeling good and wanting to get moving again before this next storm took affect……

We were on the move, and slowly, as the snow and hail was setting in again! A couple of miles along the road we saw a snow plough followed by a couple of police cars and an ambulance, and then another plough…I think we made it out just in time! (Its the first time I have experienced how people and their cars can get stuck very quickly).

As for the fishing recently, I am sad to report that I have not even managed to get out since before Christmas due to many reasons beyond my control, but I am very happy to report that in the preceeding weeks from Oct to Christmas, the fish (Barbel) really were obliging!

I Started the ball rolling with my first double of the season of nearly 13lb (12lb14oz) from the Warks Avon and followed that fish with others of 10lb 12oz, 12lb 8oz, and 13lb on the nose from the same river in the space of a few sessions which saw 18 Barbel come to the banks. Naturally pleased with these fish I tried the Severn, and could not believe my luck!

In one unforgettable session on the Severn (my first one of Oct), the rods would not keep still. I had two out at first, as the sun was setting. The downstream rod went and after playing and landing the fish, before I could bait up the rod, the other was going. The “tit for tat” continued….so only one line was in at a time! The fish got bigger with 4 x 9lb+ fish and a new Severn P.B. of 14lb 2oz. I was made up with this, and over the next couple of weeks 4 more doubles including an 11lb12oz and 11lb10oz, both of which would have beaten my previous Severn P.B. The BIGGER fish certainly were biting this Autumn!!

It was great to be out and catching some larger fish, as I had been catching plenty of smaller ones to 9lb or so (more than the last couple of sesaons), but had not until then, managed that elusive “double”. And then – like buses – they all came at once!! Here are some pictures;

A welcome 12lb 8oz!

A welcome 12lb 8oz!

11lb 10oz Severn Beauty!

11lb 10oz Severn Beauty!

A lovely 11lb10oz Severn fish.

A lovely 11lb12oz Severn fish.


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