Hard Times.. & Happy Times..

Finding the river??

Yes. Though the weather has been more condusive to maybe getting bites, they have not materialised. Though last week it was just a matter of timing and my friend and I were on the bank 1 day too soon!! The next day some fish were caught including a few doubles, which was great to hear for their captors, and leave us knowing that next time they may be ours.

The poor farmers fields!!

It also reinforces to me just why I love this hobby. To be out in the country surroundings breathing fresher air and watching wildlife going about the art of survival, in sometimes very harsh conditions. All this, while awaiting the exciting moment when a fish may visit the baited area inside the watery world in front of you, or “not”… Lovely.

The rivers were actually in a bit of a state, and quite cold too, there may still have been some salt content (from gritted roads) in the water also, putting the fish off feeding. That`s the excuses anyhow, it really is a matter of timing and location, and the right tactics of course! You can rest assured, that I will now be looking for the next good looking opporunity to get out and catch one of these prize fish, as I am missing them already!

The River was here!!

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