It Must Be Chub Chub Chub….la la

That mild spot on Tuesday was enough to make me run out and grab a chance to fish for Barbel, it did not again produce lots of bites, but did manage to get me a 5lb fish which was ever so pleasing after lots of effort and leaves and hard conditions in general. It also marked the anniversary of my river P.B. for the Warwickshire Avon of 14lb 12oz, but at that time last year temps were slightly milder and the fish were feeding well!! That`s another story..
An eel and chub complimented the evening and off to sleep and try in the morning, the morning brought lots of knocks and 10 chub!! But the water temp did not seem to rise as much as I expected and the Barbel did not oblige, home for a nice warm and look for the next chance…

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