Snow & A Severn Seal!!

Well Well Well. Would you believe it, Winter has arrived at last, and with it some “dumps” of snowfall. There will be lots of salt and icy cold water running into the rivers. But on the bright side, a whole change of landscape and scenery to witness out there on the banks. I have not been out yet since the last posted trip, but I am beginning to get the “itch” for a try!!

The latest story to catch my eye though is that of a Seal (affectionately named Keith through local press), who has arrived way up the river Severn at Bewdley. He/She has apparently become a rapid success with the public, and has attracted visitors from far and wide to see him/her. In the meantime though, this animal is munching it`s way through pounds and pounds of fish and even taking the odd duck it can grab!

From what I have gathered, local public opinion states that “Keith” has more “right to be there” than any angler who wants to “hurt and distress fish”, and “leave line, hooks and rubbish” on the riverside. – I must protest and say, that not all anglers do this, and many actually clear up after other anglers who have!! – Yet it is the anglers who are concerned for all these fish and the fish stocks of a wild river. The Seal is not a native to the environment it is currently in, (it is not natural for it to be amongst an abundance of fresh water fish), and should be captured and releaesd (in the same humane way it would if injured) back to the Sea, from whence it came.

As concerned anglers, we also pay our licence fee`s (E.A. & Club) to give us the “right to be there”, and to pay towards an Environment Agency staff force who should, with their expertise realise, that a Seal does not naturally live in freshwater, and should take steps to relocate it.

I am not averse to seeing Seal`s, and gladly do so when at the seaside!

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