The picture`s in “Some More Pic`s” are from this Wye trip and the following Bristol avon trip!
In this post I am playing catch-up as I have been for two sessions (one long one too) since my last brief post. The first session was another chance to try for some Bristol Avon fish with a view to then moving and sleeping in the car and fishing a different river. After spending an afternoon stalking and finding no fish willing to oblige, except “5” Chub to 4lb, (they were very keen) it was well into dark and time to try somewhere else just to get that great sport the Barbel gives. It is worth pointing out that I had seen a fish that was well into double figures and had a distinctive tail bite, it moved into the swim and fed in one visit, then left not to return. I would have to go back to try for this fish!!
So to the Wye where I would sleep in the car and fish the next morning before heading home. Upon arrival after coffee for the drive, I was still well awake and game to try for a bite, The first 3 cast`s produced 3 barbel and my arm had felt some action! One more barbel and I was off to sleep, and sleep I did. Morning came late and after several more bites and barbel, it was lunchtime and time to go home!
The nights are certainly getting colder and the days crisper and brighter, this morning of September 10th on the Bristol Avon was a beauty. The plan was thought out in my head, no feed this time until the line was in the swim, and everything hidden as best I could, time to try for that big girl. With the trap set it took 5 minutes for fish to arrive, the big one and a smaller one of 6lb or so. The dinner bell had rung but the big fish simply picked up one or two free offerings and left the swim heading upstream, the other fish stayed and after 20 minutes or so fell for the trap. This fish had a section of tail bitten clean away and still bleeding, as seen in “Some more pic`s”.
I thought these were the only two fish nearby, so recast in the hope that the big one would return, it did not, but another fish did appear and after a short time it was hooked. Almost the same weight as the other, this fish also had tail damage!
Before moving I had to try again, but the biggy still did not return and to my total surprise another barbel snuck in and grabbed the hook, at 5lb it was smaller than the other two but great fun all the same. Moving to one more area I managed one more barbel of 4lb before heading home for tea, this was quite a surprise after two blank sessions to catch “4” barbel on the B.A. very pleasing and not all Doom and Gloom!

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