What A Trip! (Two Doubles)

I was beginning to feel like I would never get out for a session, when the opportunity arose quite unexpectedly. I had been day dreaming of an area I knew well – and wondering if the fish would still be there to see and catch – when the chance came to leave a job early and take the drive up towards The Midlands. It was only mid morning and I would get there in time to see the group of Barbel in question, but alas when I arrived, I found only 4 very cautious Barbel. I drew them over an area under my feet and caught one very spirited 6lber – this I am afraid to say – was it! The other fish took off not to return, I only gave it an hour or so more before moving location to somewhere I thought may fish well, into the evening…..

Arriving at my chosen swim an hour before dark, I dropped some bait in and left it to rest for half hour while I took a look around and got prepared. I then fished one feeder rod over the baited area, and another quite far downstream of the first. Into darkness a couple of Chub graced the net and the rods were knocking a little! Then at 8pm a bouncing bite (I thought would be a chub) turned into the first Barbel of the evening of 8lb, a good start. The next bouncing pull came nearer 9pm and was this fish of 11lb 2oz,
very pleased with this result, I settled back to see what may happen in the next hour…The evening was still and bright, with a half moon doing the job of a lightbulb as the mist descended. I had some more knocks meaning that some fish were still around. At 10.30 I changed tack slightly and went for single baits rather than a small feeder, and put the lead well downstream of the feed. I had hardly settled back into my seat when the rod farthest away was heaved through the reeds as I was looking at my phone and saying goodnight to home. I could tell almost immediately that this was going to be a big one if I could get her in! The fight was dogged and determined, and as I drew the fish over the net, she lolloped in, and was long enough to keep me worried she would slide herself out at any time. She went 11lb8oz! A long lean beauty and the second 11lber of the session.
Having weighed and photographed her, I let her rest in the net in the margins while I re-cast that rod to the same area. Now – as I was regaining composure – the same rod was off again! So I drew this next lovely fish over the waiting net which also held the first fish, as I was unhooking this fish and thinking another weigh-in would be in order…… you have a guessed it, the upstream rod finally went over too!
So I threw rod No1 into the undergrowth behind me and settled into battle with a third Barbel, having still got two barbel in the landing net.

The three amigos!

Once over the net it was quite a sight to see the three fish laying upright in the net under the moonlight. Both rods were thrown behind me while I took the opportunity to photograph such a rare catch, the fish were 9lb1oz, 9lb4oz, and 11lb8oz.
The three fish were rested and returned before the rods went back out, and a couple more Chub followed, and then – to cap off the night – a 7lb Barbel was on the bank. It was 2am (ish) and time for bed!
Next morning it was bright,

A Sunny Morning.

and the chance for a cast before breakfast and home was there….. A different swim was selected and I was wading out to some fish under the far cover, first cast was slightly too short, second cast was “on the money” and a few moments later a hard fighting 6lber took the bait and took off!

Recovered in the flow!!

A lovely dark fish was not even lifted from the water as it was unhooked, photographed resting in the flow in the net, and released. It was a cool – end of summer – morning, with the sun in and out creating quite a scene, time for breakfast and home before the rain!!


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  1. Hi Luke,
    Thanks for your comments, though this was not the Trent!!
    It was further South, let me know where you are and I can point you in the right direction!!
    Tight Lines,

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