A Chance Encounter….Or Two….

Having seen that certain rivers were dropping, the Bristol Avon was looking like an option. When we arrived we found the river had been all over the surrounding fields. But luckily for us, it was back in it’s banks and fishable in places.

We only had a couple of hours but knew that that was all it would take to find where, and if, the fish were feeding. Mark dropped his line in the first good looking area, and 15mins later was pulling into his first Barbel from the Bristol Avon for 2/3 years. What a result this fish of 5 1/2 lb.

So my turn in the next swim along, feeling the lead down to a boink I was confident. 2 1/2 to 3 mins later someone was knocking and this fish was the result, a cold but hungry fish….

Around the same size as Mark’s, but notice the tail damage on this poor thing!
So with confidence we both re-cast in our respective swims and waited. But after 40 minutes had passed, we opted to try one new swim each.
When I arrived at my chosen swim, I could see that the features had changed but it still looked great for the conditions, just then a voice called from right next to me…..”oh hello could you help me please, I have this fish on, and another in my net, do you think you could net this one for me??”
“Hello Mate, of course I can!” I replied.
“Shaun? What impeccable timing my friend”, was his reply.
I watched as his rod was bent right over, “that looks a good one too”! I said. It was, and fell into the net very well. The Avon`s (scales) told us 10lb 12oz and the one in the other net was 9lb 6oz.
I had the hunch for this swim, but arrived half an hour after this lucky friend of mine! (hopefully have pic`s to follow). I cannot complain as we had all had a nice couple of hours on a high river with a resulting Barbel (or two) for each of us, and the smile on his face after catching his first Bristol Avon Barbel for 6 years, was a picture indeed!

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