Emily`s Day (Written by Emily)

We set off after school to stay the night in the valleys. Daddy and me cast a rod out at one spot and then another. When it was time to go to a different swim we pulled in the line and at the end of the rod was a gudgeon. Then we moved swims. It was 7.30 and the sun was setting we had 4 casts and three barbel. When one rod bent round the other rod went too. Here is a picture of the fish…



Then we went back to the car and I got into my Poppet onesy. Daddy made us some tea (sausages), and a cup of tea and we went to bed. We woke up and went to the bathroom for a freshen up. Daddy had a talk with a canoe man and he chatted to 3 anglers altogether. We then set off to the same place again had two casts and had nothing. So we went back to the swim, where we had the 3 fish, but no fish could be found. The river was full of canoes so we left.

It was alittle drive to daddy’s special spot. We saw 4 fishes in the swim, but none came to us. By then we had breakfast and I was making clay with mud and water. We went in to the woods

If you go down to the.....

If you go down to the…..

and Daddy showed me a secret clearing where there was a fire circle. Then I got scratched by some thorns and had a scab (and I still have it). We came out and walked to the waves which went up the mountain. Then we left for home and went back to the place from the night before and caught 3 barbel again. Then we went back home and I fell asleep in the car on the way back. We picked up chicken for tea with Mummy and then I went to bed.

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