Some fish and a herd of “killer cows”!!

We have been long talking about what we shall do for our friends 50th, and the time had finally arrived…We were off up to the higher reaches of the mighty river Severn! The plan, to camp, fish, and enjoy the time away in good company. After no debate at all we were in the pub! We (semi) planned the next couple of days fishing and were ready to get out there and catch from pastures new. 


Day one produced some bites for half of the party and new fish too, it was a very promising looking quiet stretch.

The next day saw a more challenging Upper reaches day where we managed to spot a couple of Barbel and my friend lost one to an uncharacteristic braid brake near the hook! A shame but that`s fishing…

But the amusing factor here was that when I went walking and stalking, I ran into some over friendly cows. (They had horns too)! I tried my usual “mush” technique, but it seemed they thought I was calling them! So they all came running at me…I ran with rod & net in hands as fast as I could, but when I looked around, there was one there right up to my face, I turned and ran harder. As I arrived over the brow of the riverbank, my friends were surprised to see me so flustered, then I explained, and there was some laughter before we got out of that field.

The farmer later explained that it was his fault as he hand feeds the cows! So they thought I was “calling” them rather than “shooing” them. Back in the pub one of our group explained that he was sat watching and laughing at the whole commotion from a distance down the bank where I did not know he could see. When I asked why he did not help in some way, he said he was too busy falling around laughing!

Next day was the Birthday, and the “Boy” had a few fish to celebrate with!! As did most of the party, before heading back to our local for a nice meal. A good trip for us all.


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