First trip to the Kennet.

Well it was about time to go East and so we did, my friend Mark and I were set for a nice day on a new river for the season for me, and the first time ever for him! The weather was set to get dryer after heavy drizzle into the afternoon, we visited the local tackle shop to collect the appropriate permits, and made the most of a nearby cafe – setting ourselves up for the day ahead. It was great to be there to see his face and reaction to a new river, we were both excited to get started, but first things first we checked out the stretch with a walk. It really has some lovely features and holds some nice fish too, even the constant rain could not dampen our enthusiasm as we settled for a couple of likely looking area`s.
A couple of hours later and we had some bites, a chub had grabbed in one swim and then a nice barbel of 5lb in the next! Then as the rain was easing slightly the call came from Mark. “Is it time for tea yet mate?” “Yes”, I said. “Well come and see this fish first”, he had had his first kennet barbel before tea break! So back we went very happy with the day so far, cooked up some food and had a guess at what might happen when we got back on the river for the evening session. The drizzle was still in the air and we waited under our brolly`s for bites, they did not come, so we wandered around a bit before finding some fish that might oblige. After half hour or so the first bite came, and then into the evening a couple more but the fish seemed to prefer my line and we finished with 4 more! We left very pleased with our start to the river Kennet.

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