Friday busy on the Kennet

After the success of Monday`s trip, it was time to follow up and try for one of those “Big Girls”. With the car loaded – much later in the day than I had hoped due to all those other incidentals that crop up – I set off along the M4. Upon arrival there were 4 other cars in the car park, not too bad I guess for a sunny afternoon, the swim I wanted to try first was taken and then the second choice too, so finding another good looking spot the gear was set up and lines in. The river looked great but was much clearer today than Monday even, so the fish may be a little more suspicious, after 3 hours or so of motionless rods it seemed they were. This was not a worry though, because often the fishing can be very quiet before the fish find the food and switch on.
The smell`s were much more summery now, as we find when the sun beats down on all the vegitation and creates an atmosphere of warmth. I was now going to be banking on the golden hour for a bite, and as the hour approached and a nice chub graced the net, I felt compelled (maybe wrongly, but thats fishing) to move. As the sun was setting, I set off for a swim I always look at and think has a fish or two down under. The midges and mozzies were out in force so headtorch use was kept to a minimum, and a meat loaded hook was lowered down the inside line. Hardly had the line been settled and I was baiting the other when, the rod was dragged over in typical barbel style. Hitting the bite I found a very spirited fight from a lovely perfectly proportioned barbel of barely 1lb, well I had a good feeling about the swim, but did not expect that!!
Darkness had fallen and it was time to go, I will save the “Big Girl” for next time….

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