A “Very Happy” Start to the New Year!

We have been in for some funny weather really, with rises in temp (and drops) without real changes in conditions, ie; rainfall, drops in pressure & Westerly`s!

But this said, I have managed a couple of outings for 2017, and caught several new fish for the new year!

One outing which was a real joy to behold, saw my friend and I meeting up on “his” river, (The Thames) and me witnessing the biggest Barbel I have held, and for him…..a P.B. This was the big framed beast…. (Fish not Gary).

A Big Ole Beauty!!    

We Knew we were in with a good chance of bites after a slight increase in temps, and so it was, that after the first hour into dark, we had 6 bites between us!! Unfortunately my 3 were Bream! Gary`s on the other hand were our target fish as well as a bonus Bream!!

He had started with a first cast rod wrencher of 8lb and then a bream, followed by another rod wrenching Barbel nearly twice the size of the first fish!! We were both really chuffed with this chunk, not a really long fish…but very big framed, and deep. When I had left Gary, he had said he would be down shortly to photograph my Thames P.B as this should not be difficult, because it currently stands at 5lb8oz!

I had said (half in jest) that I might be down to picture his Thames P.B (it would need to be big, and it was)…….It`s a funny old game!

Congratulations mate on a fantastic fish…glad to bring a bit of luck!!

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