A Last Chance before Christmas..

Well I have my persistent daughter to thank for our last trip as she really wanted to go and it was her turn. We opted for the Severn this time as it may hold the temps better as the air was cooling this weekend. We arrived quite late to try for a few hours before tea, supper and bedding down. It was cold but had some promise, only for two hours and three swims to pass without a bite. Isobel was tiring, so time to head back to the car was upon us. The next morning we awoke to find 6 cars (well it was Sunday, I suppose), so reluctantly, we moved location to a stretch further down river.

We had a late morning brunch, and then set off to see if we could get a bite before the Christmas festivities.. Knowing of an area likely to get us a bite for lunch, we took a walk and while waiting for a bite had a right laugh, Isobel was being quite negative about any chance of Barbel, and just as I was beginning to agree with her and getting ready to reel the rod in, my wife called!

This can often be a good thing, so I would leave the rod for a few minutes more while we spoke….after a few minutes I had to put the phone down and help Isobel, as the rod pulled round! It was a nice 9lber, and we were chuffed, Isobel jumping around and saying “yes, yes”, she was really pleased because she wanted to show her school friends after Christmas, the photo`s of what she had been telling them stories of!

Next cast….we had another! This was turning into an unexpected success!

With the wind cold, and afternoon upon us, we set off for tea at the car before heading home. Isobel was more than happy with this and I was pleased to get some action before the break, (perhaps extended by cold conditions), but I had a nagging feeling that an area not far from the car might produce a bite or two on dark. I convinced her we should stay a little longer over our cuppa, so we did, and it did not take long for bites to come!

First cast a chub, second a bream, third a chub, then another bream and it was getting dark again and very foggy! Next cast was promised to be the famous “last cast” before home, two rods were out and the upstream went over this time more deliberate and Barbel-like, and it was! Just as we were laughing and getting ready to put this one back….off went the downstream rod with a very similar sized fish, and here’s Isobel with the two for Christmas….

A lovely brace…

A happy drive home in the fog was had, ready for Christmas to come!



A Last Chance before Christmas.. — 4 Comments

  1. Another great read Shaun, it’s proved that knowledge of the stretches you are fishing is so key this time of year and can make the difference between success or failure. Really lovely to see that your daughter is so interested in fishing and is catching her fair share too. πŸ™‚
    Happy new year and keep catching em!

    • Thank you Mark, and a very happy new year to you too! (I might try drowning some maggots on the wonderful Wye soon).
      Tight Lines, Shaun.

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