Maggot Madness and A New Section of Severn to Try.

It was late in the evening and my wife had ventured to put the bins out in my absence, only to find maggots pouring from the top of the wheelie! What a laugh, she was mortified and I was telling her not to waste them and to be fair she did well, donning her marigolds and shying away. I was shortly home to help, and of course take a picture and have a laugh at her frantic panic that the bin persons may not take our bin. All`s well that end`s well, the maggots are now safely in a box in the bait fridge awaiting their date with destiny.
Next day was a short evening session to try a completely new venue on the Lower Severn for Mark and I, the location was said to hold rarely caught large fish. Our timing was not the best with conditions being low and clear and not ideal for the Severn at all, let alone the Lower reaches. The area was really quite remote and very promising, we had only cows for company and not a soul for miles and miles (or so it seemed). After a long walk and look around we settled on a couple of swims to bait and see if we could get a bite between us, the weather was muggy going into the last hour of sunlight and we were sure a bite would come. Sure enough as darkness enveloped all around, the tip`s began to knock, and a bite or two came, unfortunately the bites were not the barbel we were after, but Bream! Typical Severn Bream, big and hungry, we had a couple each and decided that this was a result (of sorts) as it was our first attempt and a short one at that. Maybe we shall try again when the river conditions are more likely to be obliging, but for now it`s home work done!

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