Back On The Bristol Avon!

I could not resist the temptation of my local river, and within minutes of just my journey to it, I was feeling quite high and optimistic, (ready to fork out for a local permit). Rightly so as it turned out, the afternoon was warm and sunny and you could see the fish to be targeted. The surroundings are beautiful and only the birds could be heard along with the rippling water, what a day to watch barbel and every other fish behaving naturally in their environment. This does not always mean they will be easy to catch, but it can fill the viewer with confidence for chances of a bite or two. And so it was in this vein that I dropped a line into a swim where 5 minutes before 5or6 barbel from 3.5lb to 10ishlb were avidly feeding. Having set the trap I awaited what I thought would be an instant response, it was instant….nothing. The fish had spooked and it was going to be a matter of getting their confidence back before we could see or hook one, so with regular feed little and often, the barbel could not resist coming back for a look.
This is when the adrenalin really kicks in, the fish were inches from the hookbait and as I watched fully expecting the lift and bolt from a hooked fish, the fish lifted off and breezed across the river and into the sanctuary of cover. This happened 3 or 4 times in the next hour or so, the need for change was upon me and so I would try bouncing the bait through a faster flowing part of the swim. As I did this on the first run through two fish were watching under their cover and they were twitching with interest, the rear fish pounced out and onto the bait, (wrench the rod went) and into the fight we went. The fish was fast and pulled to run around the midstream rushes using the current against me, we pulled at one another and (because of his size) I got the better of this prime fish!
As the sun set on a half decent summers afternoon, I felt completely attached to the surroundings and at one with the environment in which I was stood. With one more cast on dark I tried a meat approach from a different point in the swim, and it only took a few minutes to get a response, a positive pull lead then to a fighting fit fish of 7lb, one of the bigger ones! A wonderful result and a happy angler heading back to the car, for a much shorter drive than of late, and able to get take-away and see my beautiful wife before she had “hit the hay”!


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  1. Hi,
    Great article; that’s exactly what it should be about.
    I am relocating (from the military) and was looking at the Bradford on Avon area.
    I want to rekindle my old passion for fishing and thought that part of the world looked spot on: The Avon and Frome look beautiful, but I have been put off of late by people telling me about very low fish (ESP barbel) numbers.
    Have you found this to be the case?

    Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate your help.

    Best regards,

    Rob Leather
    07968 988547

    • Hi Rob,

      Good to hear from you, I must agree that Barbel numbers have been badly effected for various reasons over recent years. There have been stocking`s of Barbel in both the Frome and Avon, so things may start to improve!
      I am sure you will be able to locate some good fishing between Bradford-on-Avon and Chippenham, I have heard good things recently about Barbel catches right there at Bradford-on-Avon. An Amalgamation ticket would be a good start point with lots of river to go at!
      Please let me know how you are getting on, I will be only too happy to help where possible, should you move to this area or whichever area you do decide upon..

      Kind Regards, (and tight lines)


      • Hi, long shot as this thread is so old but does anyone where I can get a permit to fish the Weir at Greenland Mills Bradford on Avon?

        • Hi Steve,This is a good question!
          It seems that the rights are contentious between a closed group of residents because of access etc…Some say that it`s a small exclusive club and others, that rights come with residency…Probably best left alone. Plenty more good spots nearby!
          Tight lines,

    • Hi Thomas, Thanks for asking, you can buy a ticket from your local tackle shops in or around Bristol, Chippenham are very reasonable and have water above and into Chippenham town, and the Amalgamation have many waters below Chippenham and through bath into Bristol, including Lacock. I hope you find this helps, good luck and tight lines for the coming season!

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