Well that`s it, I have 3 children and now all budding Olympians, you name it and they are gonna do it, we have swimmers, cyclists and rowers to name the most popular, before we even hit the track and field!! Not to mention my calling constantly to play Tennis…
Anyway to the latest escapades around the rivers, yes on Wednesday night I was out to catch a couple of barbel and sleep then in the car to have a day on Thursday looking around a different river close by. So starting just before dark on the Avon I had interest almost from the off, unfortunately for a barbel angler it was bream and not just the odd one! After a couple though, the bite came from a barbel of 9lbs and great fun in the darkness which had just set in, as it was, the plan would be to stay and fish until 2ish depending slightly on the action or lack of it. (Spot the Rods). The rods were poised for action and they were certainly getting some, after 4 bream and the one nice barbel, a second fighter put in an appearance it was just under 6lb and had what looks to be hook scars on the side of its face. The fish seemed none the worse for this wear, and was ready to fight another day when it swam off with a kick of tail to say goodnight! To my surprise more bream came, even from other swims, but before sleep one more prize fighter did show. Tonight though was not the night for the potentially big fish in this area, though it was as much fun as I would have expected before the start. Sleep came easy at near 3am in the car after almost falling asleep watching the rods, a pleasing night with a feeling of anticipation for the next day…Waking up at 9 or so I was pleased to have slept so well in my dry spare clothes, and set about drying the wet ones over breakfast! Off later today to the next spot where I had not visited yet this season, to see if any fish were there anymore, the sun was shining and just some threatening clouds drifting by to worry about. The drive was not a long one and I managed what is becoming a regular stop at the farm shop on the way, for free range family provisions. The stretch this time was a less popular one for the middle Teme since what seems like a devastating decline in numbers of fish due to whatever reason, everyone has their ideas, but the amount of bank side prints suggests something of its own.. Regardless of this I love the fishery as it holds peace and tranquility, total wildness, and swallows ducking and diving during the heat of the afternoon over the river, after the – just hatched – flies!! Luckily for all, there are some fish left, and I was lucky enough to hook a couple too. The first one was just as the rain slowed from an almighty thunderstorm, it was the first cast and had been in the water for 20 minutes or more and I was thinking another cast would be needed when the rod did what it does so well……WHACK! A lovely afternoon was spent trying, walking, and trying again with some success, 2 nice barbel, 2 chub, and one hook pull on a determined barbel setting off for the inside snags!! The thunderstorms were spectacular, and watching the flies hatch two foot under the surface and flying to freedom above the water, only to then be taken by the fast swooping swallows in all their elegance. All too soon, it was time to get back.

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