Sad News and A Reminder to all Anglers..

Rest in Peace Steve Stringer.

It was with great sorrow that many many fellow anglers and I, followed this tragic story of Steve Stringer who was a regular visitor to the stretch of river which last weekend took his life. He had been fishing as was usual, an area on the river Kennet which he was very familiar with, but on this Friday he did not make it home to his family. When I heard his body had been found and read tributes to him, like many others, I felt overcome with sadness.

Please let this be a reminder to us all to think of the chances/risks we take as anglers, and that we are very small when out there with nature, take care of yourselves and one another when enjoying your passion.
God Bless Steve.

To donate money for a wreath for Steve and towards his chosen charity please click the link below;

Donate towards a wreath for Steve on Barbel Fishing World

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