A Wet Weekend……and a Meeting with a Friend!!

A week or so ago, I had a call from a friend I have not seen for while and we arranged a convenient meeting on the banks of the Warwickshire Avon! There were lots of anglers around as this was a weekend, but I managed to get a swim which I liked the look of even though I had not fished it before. I baited the swim with a small amount of feed and set off to meet my friend, we had a good chat and caught up with news old and new. The weather was to get rough for a spell during the evening and this would be when he would depart and I would stay on a while longer…

I had made sure the brolly was secure and everything was tucked away – as best as could be – from the incoming wind and rain. As promised the rain came, and – up until then – no bites had, most other anglers had left by the time the rain finished. This was when the first bite came and an eel was the culprit!! Then a chub graced the net when I roved to a different swim, it was nearly 4lb and didnt have much tail left, this made the fight quite strange.

I then moved back to my base swim and cast a hopeful line across to an area downstream of the earlier bait, and a line on top of the previous bait. With the two lines out I was ready to wait at least half an hour for a bite but alas after only 10minutes, the downstream rod was off into a steady deliberate curve, and when I lifted it, the fish was solid in its resistance and heading for cover taking line. Immediately – knowing it was a good fish – I prepared for a scrap and mapped out where I would guide the fish to avoid obstacles (such as the weed clumps still on the river bed), the struggle was dogged and determined, and the fish looked huge as it slipped over the waiting net. It weighed 10lb 5oz and is pictured here…

Must Get rid of the Red Eye!!

This was the beginning of the fun as the next cast saw the rod do the very same thing within 5minutes, and the fight was very similar, as this fish came over the net it too seemed huge! It was 9lb 6oz and in good condition, the fight had done the worst to the hook, it was almost straightened!! The fish went back with a good hard kick of its tail.
After recasting I sat very pleased and tired in my chair, and thought of when to pack up, I would not re-cast these rods now, that would be it for the evening. To my total surprise, half an hour later the upstream rod decided to dive for the river as I tried to get up from my slump in the chair! Another dual was underway and this beautifully conditioned 9lb 2oz fish was landed….

Fit and Fin perfect!

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