Hazy daze….

Well here it is, not only the beautiful summer weather, and some fabulous fish to start the season, but England doing so well in the world cup finals!! (Even if not convincingly). What a start!

There are also places available for day`s out with me, check here….. http://fishingforbarbel.com/coaching/

The barbel have been biting well on the Wye and Teme, and the middle Severn. Float fishing and small baits working well, but as this heatwave prevails, please be sure to rest your fish well in the flow and oxygenated water, making sure they swim off strong, rather than rushing to catch the next. If in any doubt, do not fish.

In my next report I shall endeavor to have lot`s of pictures, in the first week there were some beautiful shots of both fish and scenery which for one reason or another did not get taken, and as we all know, a picture paints a thousand words.

Enjoy the weather, be vigilant, report any concerns!! 

Tight lines..


Bransford fishing…

Bransford fishing and conservation group

I am very pleased to announce that the opportunity has arisen for some prime river Teme fishing. The area in question is Bransford and the fishery, once well known for its barbel fishing, still does hold some gems. It also has some very special chub trout perch & pike fishing.

It will be available to a limited number of anglers who wish to experience the tranquillity and beauty of this wonderful setting with private parking at the bankside and access via a private road. This is classic small river, (high banks and lots of vegetation for cover) fishing. Night fishing is permitted with prior notice given.

The fishery will also be monitored and used as a conservation resource for river studies, including some catch comparison work with the imminent removal of Powick weir.

There are a very limited number of spaces available, so please, if you are interested, do get in touch asap. Feel free to pm me or contact me here at the website www.fishingforbarbel.com which has more contact details.

Tight Lines!

A Special Summer…

My physical penned diary is full of reports of special day`s, from this season so far. Some are days out with customers, some with family & friends, and a few all to myself, all very special for different reasons. So in this entry I’m going to try to give an overview of all of these encounters..

The opening month & time is flying!!

I have enjoyed a brilliant month of fishing, the way I love to do, either seeing the fish up close and “persuading” them it is safe to feed, or getting in the river, with the sun on me, and fish feeding! Rolling a bait or holding the rod while static, with only moments before the next bite, it has been a joy…

The fish have (for the most part) been in fine summer condition with only the odd few taking longer to recover, even when hardly taken out of the water. This is why we`ll find it hard to see any of my pictures at the moment, because they are few and far between!

Some Pie & Good Luck!!!

Here are some pie charts from the anglers observations we have recorded over the last 3 years;

Kennet Pie Charts

Severn Pies 

Trent Pie Charts

Warks Avon Pie Charts

These are forming parts of different studies around the country regarding predation, and river health. There is data for many other rivers also, please feel free to contact me for any info I can provide on yours…

Now for Friday!!

Good luck to you all for the new season and enjoy your bank time whatever……be sure to check out my predictions page, if only for fun!


Has Spring Finally Sprung??

Hi everyone, gee this one has been a long time coming!!

We last spoke when a winter storm of Westerly’s had broken out and got the fish feeding, well they didn`t stop then until midnight on the 14th of March! It was a wonderful way to end the season for many anglers, reports of catches were coming from rivers very rarely mentioned for Barbel…and everyone (who could) was making the most.

Well then came these Easterly`s and made the idea of “spring” a bit of a myth, but now we reliably have the April showers…even though it is May! At least the sunshine of last week has really got the fish moving and thinking of reproduction! I have been lucky enough to find them on many gravel beds doing what comes naturally, during last weeks warm spell!!

So to that last week….Early March and the rivers were lapping the banks, Barbel do like to feed in these conditions! I had moved on from river to river catching on the Severn, Wye, Teme, Warks & new rivers. Having my first double from a new stretch of the Severn and a seperate new river double too.

The last 2 days were spent on the Severn & Wye where I was lucky enough to join up with this old warrior of a fish….

12lb 8oz Severn

This season has been a real success and challenge, I have met up with friends old and new, and caught on several new rivers. The last day though was reserved for the Wye, in a spot where only the birds and breeze can be heard throughout the day. It was perfect, after having this big Severn fish, to just enjoy the surroundings and the weather, a bite would be a bonus.

Casting a little further out from the previous chub cast, (3 rod lengths instead of 2), I didn`t have to wait too long for some interest and a bounce, before a crippling pull and one of the hardest fights of the season from a fit, perfect, (uncaught looking) fish of just “under” 8lbs! It was the best end to the last day I could think of…but I had time for one more too. A fish of just as much beauty but slightly smaller. The light was fading as the sun dropped and I was walking back to the car.

Just then it occurred to me that I was going to try and meet my friends on the Severn for a catch up before midnight! So after a cuppa, and a drive across the valley towards Worcester, I was on the bank with my buddies and I was happy to just chat, it was 9pm and took another hour before I cast out as we were having a good catch up. Finally by 10pm, I had cast a rod and was ready to wait as the others had reported a severe lack of action…..

40 minutes had passed before the rod from stationary, to full flow in 1 second flat, had curved into a Barbel bend! The fish fought hard and well and gave a good account of all of it`s 9lb frame. I was finished, what a way to end the season, and at that, my mate called to say he had one too, perfect. My other friend (very unluckily) had a hook pull moments before midnight and reckoned it to be a BIG one, typical.

So my reflection of the season was that it proved to be full of variety, and many new experiences, as well as lots of fish from new rivers. Numbers wise the best for a few years, and I can`t wait to fill the new season with memorable captures and journeys like the last!

I have also been offered the wonderful chance to represent the Barbel Society from a committee position, which I am relishing the opportunity to do. I will do my best to protect the Barbel and the environs in which it is found, this has always been a special cause to me as I have seen – first hand – what a delicate balance exists for this fish, and experienced – first hand – the joys of finding them all over the country.

Don`t forget the Barbel Society show is on Sunday 4th of June!! At Chesford Grange Hotel, for more…. click on the link on the front page to go to the BS website.

What a Winters Week!!

Last week saw some of the best conditions of the winter for Barbel, with lows blowing in off the Atlantic, and even a named storm! Time then, to get out there wherever safe and possible…..and many anglers did, reporting catches from what seemed to be every Barbel river in the country! They were feeding!!

I had a lot on though last week, and only managed to grab a few hours after work of these prime conditions, but very glad I did, as the fish were biting and five graced my net with four of them coming to my new rod too!! 

I shall have to name it “Doris”…. 

Good luck to everyone for the last couple of weeks…..

My Most Northerly Barbel & A New River….

Circumstances had conspired to allow me a chance of trying a new river this February, the river Wharfe. A beautiful riffle and pool river with a few Barbel in it too, (so I had been reliably informed). The temps were rising slightly though still very cold, and rain was pouring, allowing the rivers to flow and rise on the very day I was dropping a line!

I walked with great optimism across fields to find that no other anglers shared my enthusiasm for being cold and slightly mad…..”He who dares Rodders, he who dares”. I had found the Yorkshire air to be quite dramatically colder than South of the midlands. This was after the previous evening`s reccy which saw me get soaked through all layers, and this morning had to pop into a charity shop for a new/old/”dry” jumper. Fancy travelling all this way and not packing my usual quota of spare everything!!

The fishing approach would be a searching one, roving and trying different area`s, not waiting too long in any particular one. A good smelly bait, will usually get you a bite quite quickly in these conditions, if you are near some fish! In my third swim, I found I “was” near some fish. A couple of bumps indicated life, and just as I was on the phone to my mate…the rod pulled round into a fishy curve. As I explained I was in but not sure whether Barbel or Chub, the fish lunged and took line as only the Barbel will do!

I love this type of fishing, holding the rod and feeling for any movement, second only to seeing the fish you are trying to catch, and watching them take the bait. This one had, and after a spirited fight in cold water, a very lively and cold 6lb 3oz Barbel was in the net. It was approaching the warmest part of the day, and during Winter this is often the time you will find a Barbel willing to feed.

A Bonny Barbel!!

I was over the moon, and after adding a Chub to the day, I was off to visit an elderly relative, and have a good catch up.

My next trip may well be right out of my comfort zone, trying for some crocodiles from a boat on Chew Valley Lakes, I`ll keep you posted…

A Wild Wharfe

A “Very Happy” Start to the New Year!

We have been in for some funny weather really, with rises in temp (and drops) without real changes in conditions, ie; rainfall, drops in pressure & Westerly`s!

But this said, I have managed a couple of outings for 2017, and caught several new fish for the new year!

One outing which was a real joy to behold, saw my friend and I meeting up on “his” river, (The Thames) and me witnessing the biggest Barbel I have held, and for him…..a P.B. This was the big framed beast…. (Fish not Gary).

A Big Ole Beauty!!    

We Knew we were in with a good chance of bites after a slight increase in temps, and so it was, that after the first hour into dark, we had 6 bites between us!! Unfortunately my 3 were Bream! Gary`s on the other hand were our target fish as well as a bonus Bream!!

He had started with a first cast rod wrencher of 8lb and then a bream, followed by another rod wrenching Barbel nearly twice the size of the first fish!! We were both really chuffed with this chunk, not a really long fish…but very big framed, and deep. When I had left Gary, he had said he would be down shortly to photograph my Thames P.B as this should not be difficult, because it currently stands at 5lb8oz!

I had said (half in jest) that I might be down to picture his Thames P.B (it would need to be big, and it was)…….It`s a funny old game!

Congratulations mate on a fantastic fish…glad to bring a bit of luck!!